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What Is The Working Principle Of Electric Sprayer

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Electric Sprayer is now a more popular sprayer, save time and effort, then the operation of this sprayer what is the principle? Electric sprayer manufacturers to tell you: Electric sprayer by the low voltage DC power supply, drive the low-voltage electric pump to the liquid tank suction, through the infusion tube into the spray rod, spraying, can be sprayed through the nozzle spray spray, can also directly spray distance 8-10 meters. The electric sprayer cancels the suction barrel, which effectively eliminates the disadvantages of the pesticide filtration injury operator. This sprayer electric pump pressure than the person manual suction tube, increase the spray distance and range, aerosol effect, save time, labor saving, provincial medicine! At present, electric sprayer widely used in agriculture, forestry, livestock, aquaculture, environmental protection and health prevention and other fields, can be said to apply in all aspects of life.

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