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What Is The Current Situation And Development Trend Of Agriculture In China And The World?

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 18, 2017

It's too big. It really needs a lot of space to write. I'll try to be straightforward and simple. First of all, organic agriculture and ecological agriculture. What's the ecological dynamic law... What's all about literature and art? I don't discuss it. Agriculture must be from extensive to precise in the world.

Data acquisition is more accurate

Environmental control more intelligent, more energy saving

Better understanding of crop attributes

Harvest and storage are more standardized


New crops and new foods

Overall, the development of agriculture comes from the feedback of industrial development, so the industry has been relatively backward, and its innovation is based on the existing industrial technology. Emerging technology is hard to land on agriculture at the first time. Because there is a cycle of technology development, in the initial stage, the cost is always high, and the agricultural production can not bear the high cost. That is to say, the development of agriculture cannot do without the overall progress of human science and technology, although the hunger breeds discontentment, but for agricultural production we are always after a step to improve.


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