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Water The Flowers With Cool Water, OK? Which Is Better Than Running Water?

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 16, 2017

When we burn the boiling water will find a lot of white water bottles, because there are a lot of minerals (mainly calcium as the main component of bleaching powder is chlorine and calcium hydroxide) will reduce the solubility at high temperature, the formation of scale at the same time, a lot of elements (original element and not many) there will be loss. Nutrition, or the original tap water,hand sprayer for garden. 

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However, chlorine is a strong oxidant, which is harmful to the root system of plants. It is not recommended to use tap water directly, so that it can cool down first. In nature, water mainly from groundwater and rainfall, but due to the abundant plant roots and soil nutrient free growth, so their nutrition can be guaranteed,hand sprayer for garden, but the pot is not the same, so the watering is very important, as far as possible the use of nutrient rich (preferably, a large tank, put a lot of mud tap water, poured in after mixing, which is then used to water the flowers, ensure long).

 As a kind of grass fly eating insect catching plants, because many of them are on nutrition digest insects to get, so their roots are not well developed, the resistance of poor natural point, generally do not clean water easily lead to plant root and ill, due to the secretion of digestive fluid and mucus. So the water demand will be more.


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