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Use And Maintenance Of Sprayers

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1. Insert the handle to the rocker clamp and gear box and tighten the wing nut and try to shake the direction of the arrow in the barrel, such as without noise, indicating normal. 2. First, the powder spray head, the powder tube is connected, tighten the screw on the large tight ring, then the powder tube is sheathed in the groove of the hose. 3. The powder should be kept dry, no sawdust, crushed stones, mud blocks, fibers and other debris. The switch should be shut down when the powder is added, so that the powder can be avoided by the switching hole in the blower part, causing the accumulation of flour to shake. 4. According to the type of powder, the degree of wet and dry and the amount of spray per mu required to regulate the opening of the powder door switch. Note that the switch can not be opened to the largest, should be gradually open as necessary. Spray powder, people should be on the upper hand, not dusting, should switch off, lest the powder by the switch hole leakage into the blower, resulting in the accumulation of powder. 5. The powder spray pipe and fan parts are connected with hose, according to the job requirements, the upper and lower can sway freely. But should be careful not to pressure flat hose, blocking the duct, resulting in fan powder. The spraying work is completed, the barrel body should be wiped the residual powder clean, remove the powder spray tube. Remove the residual powder from inside and outside the pipe, and then shake a few turns, will be residual in the blower powder blowing, to avoid the powder accumulation damp agglomeration and blocking access, corrosion barrel body and parts, so that affect the service life. Long-term storage, should be removed in order, clear the accumulated powder, if necessary, use wet cloth wipe clean (note that water leakage into the tooth box). At the same time, the tooth box should be added oil. Save must be all parts such as spraying parts, handles, barrel body wipe clean, and concentrate on the dry operation of non-corrosive gases, lest part separation and corrosion damage.

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