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The Method Of Washing Electric Sprayer

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Electric sprayer for everyone to bring convenience, but also to do a good job cleaning and maintenance, cleaning the current electric sprayer commonly used four methods: A, clean water: the common herbicides like giant stars in the wheat field, corn field herbicide such as a mixture, soybean peanut field herbicide such as cover grass can, water-paddy weed control machine such as benzene Ta Saom, after using the need to immediately wash the barrels and parts of water multiple times, and then water filled with agricultural machinery soaked 1-2 days, then cleaned 2-3 times, can be assured use. B, slurry cleaning: To "a sweep of light" after the cleaning, as long as the water will be cleaned by the mechanical cleaning up, and then wash the clean-up side. C, ferrous sulfate scrub: There is a herbicide 2.4-D butyl ester most difficult to rinse, after spraying, need to match 0.5 of ferrous sulfate solution fully washed, and then rinse with clean water can. D, alkali water cleaning: first pour 5% of the hot alkali water (temperature 60 ℃ above), so full of spray rod, nozzle and other parts, every 10 minutes shake, after 2-3 hours, pour the lye, then rinse the 2~4 with water.

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