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Reduce The Wastage Of Liquid Medicine, Reduce The Environmental Pollution Of The Liquid

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1. Because of the tiny and homogeneous fog particles, the wind bypass the plant to attach to the opposite and deep of the crop stems and leaves. Insecticidal efficiency is generally above 90%%. Because of the small fog particles, it is easy to attach to the plant stems and leaves, reducing the loss of liquid medicine, reducing the environmental pollution of the liquid. The general sprayer, due to the low concentration of spraying liquid, large amount of fluid, coupled with the crop stem and leaf adhesion dose limited, so that excessive liquid from the stems of a high down, resulting in waste and pollution of the environment. At the same time the concentration of low, traditional Chinese medicine less pests are often suspended animation state, not thoroughly killing. 2. The use of high concentration of liquid, the harmful effects of pest and the killing of the role of flooding. In fact, killing insects with minimal doses, the drug fleas are usually less than one out of 10,000 of the usual dose of the sprayer, if such a small medicament can be injected directly into the pest or the germs on the body of course is ideal, but in fact, it is not up to, thus smoked killing insects is also important. 3. Ultra low-volume spray pesticide, high efficacy, long residual efficacy, the medicament has an internal suction effect (i.e., the medicament immersed in the crop body can diffuse to the stem and leaf). In the validity period, when the pest is smoked in the stems and leaves, it is also killed and the insecticidal rate is high. 4. The general spray liquid must be diluted with water, if the dilution of oily liquor must be added emulsifier. and ultra low-volume spray can be used to make liquid medicine easy, can reduce costs. 5. Ultra low spray rate is less frequent than ordinary spray, save time and improve efficiency. 6. When spraying area of the same time, ultra-low volume sprayer in the medicine medicine storage of small quantities, can reduce the use of personnel carrying weight, reduce labor intensity. 7. Applicable to a variety of terrain, not only for Plains, but also in the plateau, mountainous and hilly areas such as water shortage, especially convenient.

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