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Portable Watering Sprayer In The Implementation Of Hand Hygiene In The Application

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

According to the standard of infection control, fast hand disinfectant should be equipped in the treatment car and changing car in the ward, which is convenient for nurses to take, and greatly improves the compliance of hand hygiene of nurses. However, due to the characteristics of clinical diagnosis and treatment, the compliance of bedside hand hygiene is still poor in multi patient operation. The January 2009 survey, my doctors in the ward to ward the treatment process, for example, in addition to rounds in the therapeutic room before and after the wash, in the ward, because the job is busy, it is difficult to implement in contact with the patient in the operation of hand hygiene. Since February 2009, the implementation of hand hygiene problem for clinicians is improved, better effect. Here are the following. Methods 1 medical personnel to each pocket is equipped with 30mL volume disinfection small watering can 1, the packaging of dry hand disinfectant to disinfect packaging good small watering can, with the expiration date, the medical staff to carry, ready to use. A week by the nurse concentrated 2 times (total replacement of small watering can prepare 2 sets), cleaning and disinfection after standby. 2 the portable medical staff welcome by small watering can, improve the medical personnel in the process of diagnosis and treatment of hand hygiene compliance, compliance reached 100%, worthy of promotion.


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