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Magical Watering Pot Lesson Plan

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Guide the children making use of waste materials into simple gardening tools - Magic spray bottle, let the children play in principle, move, do in the process of the initial perception of air pressure, stimulate the desire to explore the children of scientific activities, children's science consciousness germination.

Moving target:

1, learning homemade spray kettle, preliminary perception of air pressure.

2, stimulate children's desire to explore, germination of children's initial scientific awareness, training children's interest in scientific experiments.

Event preparation:

1, prepare material conditions: "courseware tool in life", made a pot of water, empty bottles of mineral water, a Straw two, a hammer, a bucket, a water gun, can two, an inflator. Children four as a group, each one operating materials (mineral water bottles 4, 8, 1 Straw screwdriver, fragmentary paper, with several large pots of tap water) four.

2, children's experience preparation: the tool of cognition life.

Active process:

First, through the conversation, leads to the teaching content.

1, let children watch courseware "tools in life", to guide children to remember, tell the role of tools, rich children's life experience.

2 teacher summary.

Two, the use of self-made watering pot to help children understand the principle of air pressure.

1, the production of water bottles, children's interest.

"You see, the teacher has also made a tool. Guess what my tools are for?"" (children's free talk)

2, the teacher demonstrates the use of home-made watering pot.

3, teacher summary: "because the teacher blows to the bottle, the air force lets the water in the straw spray out, the force that this kind of air produces is called air pressure."."

4, one by one to produce water guns, watering pots and pumps, to help children understand the phenomenon of air pressure.

"In our daily life, there are many tools made by the principle of air pressure. You can play with it."." (please give individual children a demonstration.)

Three. Make a spray kettle.

1, please four children a group of good group, stimulate their participation in the production of interest.

2, the teacher explained, demonstrates the production process: "the choice of a bottle and bottle cap, ask the teacher to help drill two holes in the cap on the screwdriver on the table, and then the two Straw insertion hole, the screw cap, the sprayer is ready. We can also use the broken bottle paper to wear beautiful clothes."

3, children in group production, teachers tour guidance.

Four, please bring children with "magical watering pot" to the botanical garden watering flowers, watering vegetables, enjoy the joy of labor.

Activity reflection:

The effect of this activity is very good, the children actively participate in activities, and earnestly make watering bottles. In the course of watching the courseware, the children enthusiastically talk about the role of various tools, in the process of making the children can help each other to make watering bottles. And I'm in guiding the child's production process is also very simple, the children soon understand production methods, and use all kinds of paper and paste the beautiful patterns on the bottle. Through this activity, I once again feel the objects in life is to make the children's interests, the next activity I will guide the children with waste cans to make more beautiful life activities, to cultivate children's awareness of environmental protection and operating ability.

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