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Installation Method Of Electric Sprayer

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Electric Sprayer Installation is one of the most users of electrical equipment, Electric Sprayer This section describes the Electric Sprayer A& Foundation, installation and correction methods, to grasp the installation of similar equipment. The base of electric sprayer is generally constructed by pouring method of rod-coagulation soil, before pouring electric Sprayer Foundation. The Foundation pit should be dug and the bottom of the pit is compacted and paved with stones or bricks. Water Lynn, put the surrounding template and anchor bolts, and then concrete pouring. The foundation of the anchor Bolt is fixed by the cast iron pedestal and the embedded electric sprayer, as shown in Fig. 6-la, B. To ensure that the anchor bolt is buried firmly in the end of the concrete, the screw is cut into a "t" or "person" glyph, as shown in Fig. 6-1c. The length of the buried person is more than 10 times times the diameter of the bolt. The length of the herringbone openings is about 100mm above. Each method of installation requires neat, correct, safe, durable. The steel pipe wearing the conductor should be buried before pouring concrete, and the pipe mouth connecting the electric sprayer is not less than 100mm or so, preferably in a serpentine tube (belt) or a soft bamboo junction box, as shown in Figure 6-2. When the electric sprayer is laid with steel pipes, the three power cord of an electric sprayer is required to wear the man in the same pipe, and to connect the steel pipe with the wire to 0 or grounding. First, the electric sprayer Four power cord (three-phase four-line) wearing a person with tender performance of the plastic pipe, and then from the power switch under the Electric sprayer junction box. The diameter of two wheels of electric sprayer should be used in the drive of spray apparatus, and the ratio should meet the requirements. The width centerline of the two wheels is on a straight line. Two axes must be parallel in the installation, otherwise the conveyor will be damaged. Vibration of electric Sprayer, if it is flat belt, electric sprayer in the operation of the process can cause a strip of accidents. Correction of electric sprayer belt drive. If the two pulleys are equal, a chord can be pulled tightly and close to the end of the two pulleys, if the chord is evenly contacted with a circumference of four points, indicating that the pulley correction is good, otherwise adjustments should be made to make two rounds of correction in the correct range. The electric sprayer can be used.

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