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How To Make Use Of A Better Effect

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

A very important tool for agricultural electric sprayer during farming pesticide spraying work of crops and not the help of it, but a lot of friends and we reflect that the use of aerosol sprayer is not expected to be good, in fact, perhaps you have not put the use of sprayers and precautions to understand clearly, and now with you in a detailed analysis: The power source of agricultural electric sprayer is electric power, in the process of use should pay attention to protect the batteries. The factory is not full of electricity, the purchase of the machine, immediately full of electricity to use, the spray after the end of the electricity, can prolong the battery life. Charging the machine with the special charger, according to the instructions. In the spray operation, to use clean water to configure the liquid, adding medicine need to use a filter, lest the impurities clogging the pump. Water hardness, ph and so on the efficacy of a great impact, such as in the saline soil, the use of high ph value of water, and the drug will occur neutralization reaction, thereby reducing the efficacy of the need to choose neutral clean water dispensing. Different diseases and insect pests react to medicines, and pay attention to spray quality when spraying drugs. The general requirements are uniform spray, high coverage, appropriate liquid quantities, to moist plant surface advisable. If the mite and aphid pests, like the leaf in the back of the plant, the need to focus on the pest site spray to achieve the desired effect. Agricultural Electric sprayer Nozzle is fine production, solution atomization effect, droplet small, easy to disperse by the wind. If the operator is improper protection, it is easy to suffer the drug harm, produce poisoning phenomenon. Therefore, the operator should do well in advance protection measures, strictly according to the operation norms, not arbitrarily change coarse fog and fine fog, after the homework immediately wash hands with soap, bathing. After the job, need to wash immediately, but can not directly immersed the barrels of medicine or water rinse, lest the wet wire, can pour water into the bucket spray, the water pump residue clean drug. After reading the above introduction is not found oneself in the use of the sprayer when many points did not notice, as long as these details work, agricultural electric sprayer has very good use effect. In addition, the use of aerosol sprayer must be good protection measures, so as to ensure the safety of spraying.

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