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How To Do Waterproof In Assembling Motor Shell

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

A motor is a device that turns energy into kinetic energy or kinetic energy. Electricity related equipment should be put in the first place, if a motor because of the electrical casing assembly when waterproof not only can cause the motor short-circuit damage, can even lead to equipment leakage, there is a dangerous safety hazard, so the waterproof motor is very important. In the Assembly of the motor, the motor fittings of cast iron motor shell and junction box cover, the junction between waterproof seal must be done, because here is the source of current and exit, in the connection between the electric motor shell and the junction box, we usually have a layer of rubber seal ring through this sealing ring between two parts of the Gap seal, but many of the motor manufacturers or motor shell manufacturers in the assembly of the motor will take 2mm thickness of the plane seal, Then the sealing effect of the planar sealing ring on the motor shell may not be ideal because many of the contact surfaces of the sealing rings are cast surfaces rather than machined surfaces. And the casting surface roughness error is relatively large, there will be 1-1.5mm around the error range, two casting face maximum error can reach 3mm or so, so 2mm sealing ring in some error value large casting surface may not work. We suggest that the plane of the seal should be changed to O-ring, O-seal ring diameter of general 6-8mm, sealing effect is better, and O-type is also cheaper than the plane circle.

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