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Check If The Connector Is Spinning Tight And The Washer Is Lost Or Damaged

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1. First of the rubber hose connector cap on the outlet connector of the sprayer. 2. The other end is connected on the switch, the switch connects the mesh sleeve, the spray rod and the nozzle. 3. In the barrel of water, to inject the sprayer into the water, first test the connection part of the leakage phenomenon, if leakage, should check whether the joints are tightened, the washer is lost or damaged, and the results of the inspection to adjust to the complete without leaking into the liquid can be loaded into the work. TIC plug in force should be evenly moderate, can not forcibly pressure, lest the mechanical parts due to excessive pressure and the occurrence of the phenomenon, when the plug in the pressure, can not be excessively skewed, to prevent the plug rod because of the force is not bending. 4. The liquid used to spray must be filtered beforehand lest impurity blocking spray hole, affect the anti-consistent effect. 5. In the use of such as the discovery of a small number of pressing screws in the mouth of water phenomenon, must pay attention to replace the new sealing ring to use again, to prevent the leakage of liquid spilled on the skin and the risk of poisoning.

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