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With the watering can home water can do haze

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

person1:Closed doors and windows, the use of air purifiers in indoor closed space in haze days, may have some effect.

Wear masks outside, N95 or N90.

There are a few methods of higher approval.

Watering can increase environmental humidity, but the effect of reducing PM2.5 may not be obvious, or there is no pressure.

Person2:Water spray is generally dust fall, more use on the site

If your family is like that......

It is recommended to use air purifier

person3:This method is similar to us as sweeping sprinkler (soil ground), water will be wrapped in the dust falling on the ground, but the air is flowing, if the home will shut the doors and windows have so little use, if the window is completely useless.

person4:This method is useful and useful, but it is clear that it will produce relatively heavy moisture (answer to the harm of moisture at the end, for reference); principle refer to "air humidifier"". Want to eliminate haze, or recommend the use of air purifiers a class of products?. The main harm of moisture: 1, bad breath, body odor, internal damp heat, fungi corruption, odor reverse leakage. 2, obesity, weight loss rebound moisture into the subcutaneous, affecting fat burning, leading to obesity. 3, eye ptosis, swelling of the body too much moisture retention in the body, increase the spleen wet burden, as the carriage overload, sometimes even affect the kidney diuresis function, severe secondary systemic edema. 4, joint pain and moisture into the joint, the formation of cold dampness and "cold" met, is an important cause of inflammation, joint pain. 5, head sink, listless, Chinese medicine said, "wet like wrapping", wet weight will affect the permeability of the cell, just like a wet quilt covered in people's body. 6 stool sticky smell, not as excessive moisture, moisture can cause intestinal adhesion, increased stool frequency, and there is not a clean feeling

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