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The method of manually changing electric

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1. Tools Required Size screw batches of 1, electric sprayer small hand drill or electric drill, soldering iron, welding tin appropriate amount, pliers, small saws, small knife. 2. Required Components Hand Pressure sprayer liquid barrels (new and old Can) 2, electric sprayer core components is dedicated motors, high-pressure pumps 1 sets. Battery (12V12AH) 1, battery charger 1 only, power switch 1, power cord several meters, soft water pipe 1.5 meters, spray rod 1 roots, braces 2 roots, braces up and down the hoop each one, the hand 1, sprinkler (single spray, double spray, direct spray each i), the liquid switch 1, filter 1, the medicine barrel cover 1. 3. Modification method (reference to page 31st schematic) (1) in a hand pressure sprayer liquid barrel (abbreviation B barrel) on the bottom right side of a diameter of a 2 cm circular hole, high-pressure water pump into the water pipe will be installed on the hole. (2) The other hand pressure sprayer liquor barrel (a barrel) from the straps on the hoop to a neat sawing, the bottom of the section installed in the lower part B barrel, and the two barrels of soldering iron joints. (3) from a bucket back with a small saw saw a can put, take the battery of the door, the battery from this door into a barrel, the motor, high-pressure pumps also put into a barrel. A power switch is mounted on the left side of a barrel, which passes the cathode of the battery to the positive electrode of the motor, and the cathode of the battery receives the negative electrode of the motor. (4) A round hole that can penetrate a soft water pipe on the right side of a barrel. The nozzle of the soft water pipe from the hole into the water pump and received the outlet pipe, then the soft water pipes, hand, liquid switch, spray rod, nozzle connected to each other, finally installed the strap down the hoop. The water inlet of the high-pressure pump is Guan An in the round hole at the bottom of the B barrel. 4. Method of Use (1) First with the battery charger to recharge batteries, the battery will be the positive and negative electrode to the charger, respectively, on the negative. Charge 5-8 hours. (2) When used, the liquid in the liquid medicine Barrel (b barrel), the power switch to open the liquid switch can work. If the liquid switch is shut down, the pump stops turning automatically. Temporarily stop without closing the power switch, only after a barrel of liquid after the dispensing of the liquid or the completion of the operation, the power switch off. 5. Considerations (1) The dispensing of liquid must use clean water, otherwise it will occur pump blockage (pressure reduction), can not absorb the phenomenon of liquid medicine. (2) Do not turn on the power switch when charging. (3) After every day the medicine must be sprayed with water for a few minutes to wash the water pumps retained in the liquid particles (especially wet powder). Otherwise, it is easy to cause water pumps not to absorb liquid or pressure drop. (4) Battery is not used, must be guaranteed to charge 1 times a month, time is not less than 8 hours.

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