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The free radicals produced by the absorption of light energy

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

According to the Agricultural electric sprayer manufacturers, rubber hose is a more durable electric sprayer tubes, but the time has been a long time, the situation of aging, which causes the factors of this situation? 1, oxygen, oxygen in the rubber with the occurrence of free radical chain lock reaction, the molecular chain occurrence rupture or excessive cross-linking, resulting in rubber performance changes. Oxidation is one of the important reasons for aging of rubber. 2, heat: High temperature can cause rubber pyrolysis or heat crosslinking. But the basic role of heat is activated. Increasing the speed of oxygen diffusion and activation oxidation, thus accelerating the oxidation rate of rubber, which is a common phenomenon of aging-thermal oxygen aging. 3, Light: the shorter the light waves, the greater the energy. The damage to rubber is the high energy of ultraviolet rays. In addition to directly causing the rupture and cross-linking of the rubber molecule chains, the ultraviolet ray produces free radicals by absorbing light energy, and triggers and accelerates the oxidation chain reaction process. Ultraviolet light plays a role in heating. The light effect on another characteristic (unlike the thermal effect) is it mainly in the oak surface. The specimen with high adhesive rate can appear on both sides of the mesh crack, i. e. The so-called "light outer layer cracking". 4, mechanical stress: the mechanical stress repeated under the action, will make the rubber molecule chain fracture to generate free radicals, triggering oxidation chain reaction, forming the process of chemical force. Mechanical fracture molecule chain and mechanical activation oxidation process. which can prevail, depending on the conditions in which it is in place. In addition, it is easy to cause ozone cracking under stress. 5, moisture: the role of moisture in two aspects: rubber in the wet air in the rain or soaked in water, easy to destroy, this is because of the water-soluble substances in rubber and water groups and other ingredients are extracted by aqueous dissolution. The cause of hydrolysis or absorption. Especially in the water immersion and atmospheric exposure alternating effects, will accelerate the damage of rubber. However, in some cases moisture to rubber does not play a destructive role, even the role of delaying aging. The aging situation is inevitable, in order to avoid this premature occurrence, in the day-to-day use of the maintenance of pipelines.

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