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Suspension pesticide

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 04, 2017

Suspension agent (FW)

Also known as colloidal suspension agent, the preparation of solid pesticide dispersed in water, it has some characteristics of EC and WP, no flammability and phytotoxicity problems generated by organic solvent; suspension of effective components of very fine particles, the general grain was 1? 5 micron, adhesion to the plant surface is strong, rain erosion resistant, high efficacy; applicable to all kinds of spraying methods can also be used for ultra low volume spraying in the water, with good dispersion and suspension. There is no dust flying in the processing and production. It is safe to the operator and does not affect the environment.

Dry suspension

It is a 0.1-1 millimeter granular preparation, which has the advantages of wettable powder and suspension, and overcomes their shortcomings. Some countries in Europe and America have paid attention to the dry suspension and have been applied in the production. Now our country has started the work in this field, and has a very promising application.


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