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Spray operation ensures reliable sealing

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1) The Medicine Kit assembly in the spray operation. The liquid medicine is added to 4/5% of the volume of the chest. When the operation, by the wind turbine led duct leads to a small number of high-speed airflow, by air intake into the trachea to vent plug, into the medicine chest, and in the upper part of the liquid form a certain pressure, forcing the liquid flow through the switch. The air pressure in the chest affects the size of the spray directly. Therefore, the lid should be sealed and reliable. The mouth should be flat, no cracks, flying edges. Rubber chest cover plastic ring made of foam, has a certain compression allowance, to ensure reliable sealing. The function of the filter is to filter the impurities in the liquid medicine, to prevent blockage switch, nozzle and so on. (2) When the job, by the wind pipe induced by a small number of high speed airflow from the blowing hole in the powder tube, so that the powder medicine in the medicine loose, mixed with the gas in the state blowing to the powder door body. When assembling, flip the powder door joystick to observe the windshield position. When the powder Gate joystick is in the bottom position, the windshield should be closed to the powder door section to prevent the powders from leaking at idle work when transferring the block. When the powder Gate joystick is in the highest position, the windshield should be parallel to the powder gate body under the direction to obtain the maximum circulation section. Otherwise, adjust the length of the powder door lever.

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