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Rice seedling raising technique in Greenhouse two

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 04, 2017

(three), and the choice of 1 greenhouse seedbed, greenhouse selection: should choose rice special steel frame or frame wood shed their greenhouse system, based on field area selection shed size, according to the general 1:80 120 proportional selection. Such as 30 x 6.5 meters greenhouse, the effective area of 180 square meters, fertile 1000 plates, 45-50 acres of field can be inserted. 2, the choice of seedbed: choose pollution-free, flat terrain, leeward, adequate illumination, fertile land, hydropower, convenient traffic plots as seedbed. Generally located in front of the house or garden fields. Large areas can be specialized nursery base. 3, make a bed koupeng: in early March, snow removal of seedbed debris, late koupeng, promote Huadong, improve the soil temperature, make the bed 10 days before sowing. The bed should be "real, flat, light, straight" requirements: Real: bed not in heavy feet; flat bed surface is smooth and no height; light: bed no stubble debris; straight vertical edges: bed tidy. In the shed central 30cm trail, conditions can be placed in a red brick shed, leaving 10cm open, 2.8 - 3 meters wide bed.

(four) the preparation and selection of seedling tray: generally, 22-25 trays (slices) of seedling tray are needed per mu of field. Optional hard disk, floppy disk or liner (seedling mat). The isolation layer with holes, plastic film seedling can be woven with non-woven fabrics, old (film) as the base.

(five) 1, sowing date: general should be based around the actual transplanting period in accordance with the seedling age of 28 - 35 days, push down according to the sowing time, planting progress to sowing, transplanting to prevent overage. 2, sowing methods: extension sowing and hand sowing, sowing and seeding machine automatic hand seeder. Hand sowing efficiency is low, uniformity is poor, not easy to use, it is generally used for hand transplanting seedlings. Operation process: Seedling sowing machine sowing: put hard disk or floppy disk, seedling pad into the hard disk - sowing subsoil - sprinkler - sowing - sowing soil cover - swing disk or take off the disk to set the bed - cover grass cover film.

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