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Rice seedling raising technique in Greenhouse one

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 04, 2017

Rice greenhouse seedling technology is to realize the early seedling, early transplanting, overcome the chilling damage, seize a advanced and practical technology of high yield of rice seedling greenhouses, compared with conventional breeding, has low investment cost, simple operation, convenient management, using a wide range of characteristics, is an ideal seedling of northern China, it is to cultivate the machine plug seedlings, the essential facilities of mechanized transplanting, is a key link in the system of rice cultivation. First, seedling preparation

(one) seed preparation and treatment

1, variety selection: select the local main push stable, high yield, disease resistance, good quality, quality reached the national standard above two varieties, namely: seed purity is not less than 98%, germination rate is not less than 95%, cleanliness is not less than 97%. The moisture content is less than 14.5%, the seeds must be replaced once a year.

2, the amount of seed per hectare: selection of seeds of 40-60 kg, i.e. 3.34 kg per mu.

3, seed treatment: one is the sun for awn, after soaking before seed awn, then select the sunny weather in the 2 - 3 days, every day through 3 - 4 times, in order to improve the germination rate, bud, two is the proportion of selection, 1:1.13 selection of salt water, namely 50 kg water plus 10 kg of salt, new egg surfaced five coin size. Remove the grain, and then rinse with water 2 to 3 times. The three is available on the soaking and disinfection, intimidating, model 901, the amount of grams of bakanae disinfectant. The water temperature of 15 DEG C under the condition of soaking disinfection for 7 days, the temperature reached 100 degrees, observe the chaff translucent, white belly is clear, the embryo can be expanded. The four is accelerating. Under the condition of 30 or so, the buds can be destroyed by bud breaking machine. The length of buds is 1 - 1.5 millimeters, and the buds are about 6 hours. Five is coating, coated with coating agent (before seed coating agent and after soaking coating agent) coating, the seeds cool to non stick hand, and then ready to sow.

(two) preparation of bed soil bed soil fine granular, good permeability, no grass, no bacteria, contains more organic matter, pH was 4.5-5.5PH.

1, the ratio of Soil Humus in bed can be used alone. If there is no mountain water and dry farmland soil humus soil or without residue, (do not use soybean field soil) and peat (live or humus) bed soil. The two were sieved, 6-8 mm sieve. The subsoil at the volume ratio of 4:1 mixture, the paddy soil 4 copies, 1 copies of peat. The covering soil is mixed according to the volume ratio of 3:1. The paddy soil of 3 copies, 1 copies of peat. Bed soil amount per hectare (15 acres) to 2000 kg of bed soil, paddy soil and upland soil including 1600 kg, 400 kg of peat, peat no area can be purchased or replaced by the maturity of pig manure and soil etc..

2,Prepared with rice seedling stimulating agent local main push , nutrient soil (seedling), according to the instructions, dosage and mixing good subsoil after mixing, cover tightly with plastic sheeting, one to two days.

3, check the bed soil pH, check and adjust the pH of the soil, although there are modulators of the acid regulating agent, must be checked and adjusted, methods: the mixed subsoil in the bowl of 1/2 water before mixing, precipitation for about 10 minutes, the PH test strips have been clarified. 0.5- in the second standard test paper can come up with the contrast. When the pH value is greater than 5.5, adjusted by 15% acid, dilute sulfuric acid solution, nitro humic acid, acidified peat and other acid regulating agent, the pH value of 4.5-5.5. Acid soil cover, cover soil generally do not add fertilizer, can be directly acid. General every 50 kg 1.25 kg covering soil and 1 nitro humic acid or 1 - 1.5 kg acidified peat, pH will be transferred to 4.5-5.5PH. The preparation method of acidification will be processed dried peat peat 50 kg 15 kg fine with 15% sulfuric acid, while pouring while mixing, repeatedly mix, stuffy 3 - 4 hours after the vulcanization of peat.

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