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Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2017

Definition: synthetic chemicals, which regulate the growth and development of plants, are known as plant growth regulators.

Plant growth regulator is a kind of pesticide used to regulate the growth and development of plants. Through specific plant growth regulators, plants can promote, inhibit and postpone many other regulatory activities, so that plants can grow and grow according to the direction of human needs.

For example, let people through the retardant wheat stalk shorter more robust, in order to enhance its anti lodging ability; the people through the accelerator prompted more nutrients to transport fruit cultivation, a big sweet watermelon; people by inhibitors to inhibit the germination of potatoes, extend the storage period.

The characteristics of plant growth regulators are different from those of traditional pesticides. Different from the disadvantages of traditional pesticides, such as high toxicity, high residue and easy to produce resistance, plant growth regulators have many advantages, such as fast acting, less dosage, low toxicity, high efficiency, no residue, and no easy to produce resistance. This makes the market prospects and future role of plant growth regulators very good. In the field of pesticides at home and abroad, the scientific research and application of plant growth regulators have also occupied a more and more important share.

On the market, the use of a wide range of plant growth regulators: sodium nitrophenolate, sodium naphthalene, amine ester, prohexadione calcium, multi effect and CCC etc..

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