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Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2017

At present, most of the original drugs in China are processed into two types of wettable powder and milk oil. Wettable powder is a form of powder developed on the basis of powder, and its performance is better than powder. It is the use of pesticide and inert filler and a certain amount of additives (wetting agent, suspension stabilizer and dispersant) according to the proportion of fully mixing crushed reaches 98% through 325 mesh sieve, namely drug particles less than 44 microns in diameter, the average particle size of 25 microns, wetting time less than 2 minutes, a fine powder suspension rate was more than 60% quality standard. When used, the water is added into a stable suspension, and the spray is used by the spray. The adhesion on plants is good, and the effect is better than the powder of the same original medicine. WP if the machining quality difference, coarse grain size, additive performance is bad, easy to cause the bond products, can not be dispersed or suspended in water, clogging, reason precipitate in the spray, which spray is not uniform, easy to make local plant phytotoxicity, especially after long-term storage of wettable powder the suspension and wetting rate will decline, the previous best in the use of the two index verification after use. The quality standards of different pesticide varieties and different manufacturers are also different. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) standards, some of the more expensive pesticides such as Triadimefon WP suspension rate higher than 70%, wetting time is 1 minutes, some manufacturers of the products the quality index is generally higher than the standard of FAO.

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