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Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2017

In order to improve the physical and chemical properties of the preparations, improve the control effect and reduce the harmfulness to humans and animals, some auxiliary agents were added to the various preparations, referred to as auxiliaries. 

1wetting agent can make the insoluble raw water wetted by water and can be suspended in water. Spraying liquid on crops can moisten the surface and insect body of crops and improve the control effect. For example, wettable powder or suspension agent is added to the wetting agent such as sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate.

2additives used in the processing of emulsion and other preparations. After the emulsion is diluted to water, the emulsifier can disperse the oil containing the original medicine in the water with a tiny granular form, and become a uniform and stable white emulsion.

3solvent solvent has no effect of killing insects or killing bacteria. When processing emulsifiable oil or oil, it uses toluene and xylene to dissolve the original medicine and add other auxiliaries.

4 filler processing wettable powder and powder, in order to put the original ground and diluted, shall be added to the clay, diatomite, talc and other inert powder, these substances are not chemical changes and raw materials, known as filler, also known as filler, it has no insecticidal and fungicidal activities.


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