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Operating principle of sprayer

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

At present, according to the principle of sprayer spray is divided into four kinds.

Bernoulli principle

The principle of Bernoulli says that in the same fluid, the flow velocity is large, the pressure is small, the flow velocity is small, and the pressure is large. The fluid automatically flows from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through a trident tube, the low-speed flow of water flows toward the high speed of the air. The water was torn into a high speed air droplets droplets (imagine the outflow of water, tap start is slow, but then gradually increasing the speed of the water column; it becomes a drip.). These little drops of water became fog when they were sprayed out.

The principle of breaking into small water droplets after high speed water meets obstacles

The principle is to split the water into a small tube and cause the high velocity water flow. The high speed water flows into the small water drop after the obstacle.

The situation is like opening the tap and blocking it with your fingers. The household sprayer uses this kind of structure, and the cost is low.

Centrifugal force to throw liquid out principle

It's a high-speed rotating disk that uses a centrifugal force to throw out the liquid and tear it up into small droplets

Similar to the situation when an umbrella rotates

Ultrasonic atomization principle

Vibration can cause "wave" on the water surface, and the frequency of ultrasonic vibration is very high, so its "wave" wavelength is very small, so its "spray" - small water droplets are also very small, these small droplets become fog.

The current type mobile sprayer used in the manufacture of a backpack, stretcher and matched with a tractor traction type, more common is the backpack, which is the most widely used Dongfanghong -18 knapsack mist duster, with 1E40F gasoline engine (1.6 HP) as the driving force, using high pressure centrifugal blower machine, direct drive fan shaft from the engine crankshaft to 5000 rpm rotation speed. The kit is a liquid storage tank and the powder storage box, only to replace the different components in the storage box. The nozzle is mainly made up of plastic parts, which can be exchanged with different components on the same head regardless of mist and powder injection. The engine and the fan are fixed on the frame by means of a shock absorber to reduce the vibration generated by the high speed turn to the rack. The mist working principle: when the crankshaft of the engine driven fan impeller rotates at a high speed, high pressure air flow generated by the blower, most of the fan outlet flow nozzle, a small part of flow through the air inlet valve, hose, filter at the surface of the medicine in the medicine storage space, applying a constant pressure of liquid, liquid in the wind pressure. Through the door, plug connector, powder water infusion tube, switch to the nozzle (so-called pressure infusion). The nozzle is located at the throat of the mist spray nozzle, and the air flow from the blower outlet is suddenly reduced, the flow velocity increases suddenly, and the negative pressure is produced at the nozzle. The liquid is influenced by positive pressure and negative pressure here in the storage box, the stream from the nozzle, and the high speed airflow from the nozzle just to meet. Because of the velocity difference is great, and perpendicular to the direction of high speed air flow from the nozzle will trickle out or cut into small droplets of coarse droplet diameter in 100~150 m, and the airflow carrying far away, in the vehicle along the way, the airflow will be further dispersed fine droplets, finally settling down. Most of the high speed air flow generated by the fan flows to the elbow and nozzle through the fan outlet, and a few parts enter the blowing tube through the inlet valve. Due to high wind speed, wind pressure, air flow from the powder blowing pipe blowing out, the powder storage box bottom blowing loose, and blown to the door (the so-called air powder powder). At the same time as the elbow most high-speed airflow through the fan outlet, causing a certain degree of vacuum in the powder nozzle, so when the door switch is open powder, the powder can fly through the door, the powder tube is sucked into the elbow, mixed with a large number of high speed air flow through the nozzle, blow to the crops.

The special disinfection company (medicinal and disinfection) sprayer, ultra low volume sprayer, aerosol sprays etc., make the process more precise, atomization effect is more accurate.


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