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Operating principle of Sprayer

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

At present, according to the principle of aerosol spray is divided into four kinds. Bernoulli principle The principle of Bernoulli is that in the same liquid, the velocity is large, the pressure is small, the velocity is small, the pressure is strong. Fluids will automatically flow from high-pressure to low-pressure. In a tri-fork tube, a low-speed flow of water flows to the high speed of the air. The water is torn by the high speed air into a small droplet (imagine the water flowing from the tap, the beginning of a slow speed, is the column of the jet, but then the speed is gradually increasing and then a drop of one drop). These little drops of water are sprayed into fog. The principle of high speed water flow to crack into small drops after obstacle It is the principle that the water pressure is used to cause the high speed flow, and the high speed water flow is cracked into small drops after the obstructions. The situation is like turning the faucet on and blocking it with your fingers. Household sprayers Use this structure with low cost. Centrifugal force to shake off the principle of liquids is the high speed rotating atomization disc using centrifugal force to dump the liquid, tearing into small drops Similar to the case when an umbrella rotates Principle of Ultrasonic atomization Vibration can cause "spray" in the water, ultrasonic vibration frequency is very high, so its "waves" of the wavelength is very small, so its "spray"-small water droplets are very small, these small water droplets become fog. Current stereotypes production use of the mobile sprayer has a backpack type, stretcher and tractor traction matching models, the more commonly used is burdened, and the most widely used is the Dongfanghong-18-type Knapsack spray powder machine, 1E40F gasoline engine (1.6 hp) as the driving force, the use of high-pressure centrifugal fan, the engine crankshaft directly driven by the wind turbine shaft with 5,000 rpm rotation. The storage chest is not only a storage tank but also a toner cartridge, and it is necessary to dress up different parts in a storage chest. The nozzle is mainly composed of plastic parts, no matter the fog and powder spray with the same supervisor, on the different parts of the dressing can. Both the engine and the blower are fastened on the rack through the damping device to reduce the vibrations that are generated when the high speed moves are transmitted to the rack. The principle of the fog work: when the engine crankshaft drive fan impeller high-speed rotation, the wind turbines produced high-pressure airflow, most of which are exported to the nozzle flow through the wind turbine, and a small part of the air flowing into the valve, Sprayer Sprayer hose, filter to reach the storage medicine medicine in the space on the surface of the liquid to exert a certain pressure, the liquid in the wind pressure through the powder door, outlet plug joints, infusion tubes, switches to reach the nozzle (i.e., the so-called air pressure infusion). Nozzle is located in the fog nozzle, the air from the air blower tuyere sent through here, because of the sudden narrowing of the cross-section, the velocity of sudden increase in the nozzle at the negative pressure. The liquid is subjected to positive pressure in the storage chest and under the joint action of negative pressure here, the stream is sprayed out from the nozzle and meets with the high velocity airflow from the nozzle. Because the flow rate varies enormously, and the direction is perpendicular, so the high speed airflow will be cut by the nozzle out of the fine flow or coarse droplet cut into tiny droplets diameter in 100~150 μ m, and through the airflow to the distant, in the carriage along the way, the flow of small droplets further dispersion, finally settling down. From the wind turbines produced by the high speed airflow, most of the wind turbine exports to the elbow, nozzle, a small part of the intake valve into the powder pipe. Due to high wind speed, air pressure, the airflow will blow out of the small holes in the powder tube, the powder of the bottom of the storage chest is blown loose, and blowing to the powder door (that is, the so-called airflow powder). At the same time, because most of the high-speed airflow through the outlet elbow of the fan, in the powder pipe at a certain degree of vacuum, so when the powder door switch is opened, powder can pass through the powder door, gas pipeline inhalation elbow, with a large number of high-speed airflow mixing, through the nozzle blow to the crop. Among them: killing the company dedicated (medicinal and disinfection) aerosol sprayer, ultra-low capacity sprayer, aerosol sprayer, such as the production process more sophisticated, more precise spray atomization effect.

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