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Microcapsule sustained-release agent(CS)

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 06, 2017

There are many kinds of sustained-release agents, such as adhesion control release agent, adsorbent granule, hollow fiber agent, microcapsule and other dosage forms. At present, more research and development are made with microcapsules. Microcapsules are encapsulated in a high polymer capsule with small particles with a particle size of several microns to a few hundred microns. The micro capsule and in the field of plant or environmental exposure of the insect cuticle, capsule wall fracture, dissolution and hydrolysis or spread through the wall hole, the medicine bag was slowly released, can prolong the drug residual period, reduce pollution and drug application times on the environment, other than low dosage formulations. Can make some of the more volatility in the short effect of pesticide application better, also can make some pesticides to reduce human and livestock and fish toxicity, it is safe to use. Microcapsules of finished products are 20? 50 microns, usually powdery, and also made of microcapsule water suspension. In addition to the above 7 forms, there are many kinds of dosage forms, such as granules, smoke agent, aerosol, ultra low volume preparation, fumigant and so on. According to the requirements and conditions, they are applied to agricultural production respectively.


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