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Method of use of sprayer

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1. First of all, according to the instructions on the use of the sprayer to install, to keep it intact. Gas Jane must not leak, the joints must not leak, leakage. Do a good test before spraying. 2. When the preparation of liquid medicine is packed into medicine chest, to close the passthrough switch. The liquid must be filtered, otherwise it is easy to clog the spray holes. The liquid medicine cannot exceed the water level line indicated outside the cartridge case; if loaded is full, the liquid medicine easily through the Qing drum above the small hole enters Qing barrel upper, affects the work. 3. The low-volume spray must be replaced with 0.7 mm aperture nozzle, otherwise, such as the use of large aperture nozzle tablets, not only the fog picked large, waste medicine, but also maki. 4. Before spraying the medicine, shake the pole 6-8 times before, the air indoor reaches the work pressure, then carries on the spray. If shaking the rod feels heavy, do not excessive force, lest gas chamber explosion poisoning accident. 5. Prohibit the use of strong corrosive pesticides, lest damage the machine. The use of spare parts shall not be loaded into the liquid barrels, in case of corrosion, affecting the service life. 6, the spray before the drug flow measurement, spraying the drug to use the "always set three direction" spray method, according to crop height and control objects, can also use targeted spray or interlaced spray.

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