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Knowledge of sprayers

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Basic introduction

Sprayer is the abbreviation of spray equipment. It is a device which uses air suction to change liquid or other liquid into fog, and evenly sprays to other objects. It is composed of compressed air device, small pipe and nozzle.


Common problem

(1) not to hand. When a gas pump, if not to take water or, for skin pea shrinkage, harden or damage, should be removed or replaced with new oil skin pea.

(2) poor atomization. Spray intermittence, water vapor at the same time. The reason is the barrel pipe welding desoldering, detachable with tin welding. If the fog is not conical shape, reason is the plug nozzle, nozzle hole slice Buyuan, can remove the nozzle debris, replacing the head piece.

(3) - Water Leakage; the reason is Water Leakage spray rod, the weld connecting or cracks, should repair or replace the welded joints; Water Leakage, screw thread or the gasket replacement oil. If the switch is leaking, the switch cap is loose; the sealing ring is damaged; the switch core is stuck; it can be tightened, replaced, cleaned, and filled with oil.


Cleaning skills

Use ordinary pesticide sprayer, rinse with water only 4-5 times, and then inverted drying. If the pesticide property is strong, you might as well use the mud water cleaning first, then rinse with water for 2 times. Because of the strong adsorption capacity of mud, the pesticide residues in the sprayer can be washed away, which is convenient and effective.

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