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It is important to reasonably prepare medicines for sprayers

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

The use of electric sprayer in the preparation of diluent, that is, liquid medicine should pay attention to certain methods and skills, so that better use of the effect. In the sprayer medicine cabinet to prepare diluent, must first in the medicine chest to add about 10 cm deep water before the medicament or mother liquor can slowly add the medicine chest, then add water to the water level can spray. Can not add water in the tank before or fill the water tank after pouring water into the medicament or mother liquor, because it is difficult to prepare a uniform dilution, will seriously affect the effect of control. The dilution of the electric sprayer is added to the water level of the sprayer, and cannot be filled with a sudden. If the sprayer is filled with medicine, in the drug box when the medication is difficult to shake, the medicament prone to sink or floating phenomena, affecting the uniformity of the liquid, thus affecting the effect of weeding. In addition, the drug application when the drug is also easy to spill from the medicine chest, dripping into the drug-medicine personnel, so the medicine in the chest must not add too full. In addition to remind everyone that the drug is ready to spray immediately, such as the proportion of herbicides than water, storage for a period of time after the herbicide will sink, resulting in the lower concentration of liquid, the upper liquid concentration of small, severely affecting the effect of weeding.

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