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How to adjust the paint can ?

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 25, 2017

Recommended answer: the working principle, there are two kinds, one is the watering can in the above, by gravity flow of paint on the gun inside, after the trigger in the compressed air blowing out, there is a pull on the gun after suction, compressed air to blow out, of course, these two methods are the same, there must be compressed air. The gun nozzle is selected according to the viscosity of paint, also can adjust the radian to adjust according to the workpiece size, generally use watering can mostly small area for maintenance. Of course, these triggers, muzzle, radian control switches are sealed, hoping to help you!!!

Paint spray watering can according to the requirements of the large area with large watering can, if it is a small piece to buy smaller small crafts spray watering can, can buy airbrush. There are no unified models for different manufacturers.

Select the key is to choose the appropriate spray nozzle, the nozzle according to different workpiece selection best can spray different shapes of the paint mist. Now there can be a lot of paint mist size and shape regulation on the market can.


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