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How does lemon grow into a small forest in cup?

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

1. Buy a nuclear lemon, cut fresh lemons, remove the seeds, and pick the full seeds;

2, put the seeds in the bowl, and then rinse with water several times, water over the seeds, soak a week (to change the water every day, most of the seeds are consistent to the global crack, which is inside the small signal to come out);

3, in the basin paved with a layer of pebbles, literacy gap between the air and excess water can be retained, so that the roots of the plant breathable,China high pressure sprayer manufacturers;

4, buy bags of flowers into the flower shop to close to the soil, the basin edge position, put the seeds one by 1.5 press into the earth, remember to tip up, head down, will be more likely to germinate;

5. Spread a layer of pebbles on the seeds;

6, with water slowly around the basin four ring of water spray, the soil is almost wet, two water spray every day on the line, wait patiently;

7, the waiting time is a little long, about ten days, to timely clip out moldy dead seeds, ten days later, began to take hold of the budlet!

8, more than a month later, the cultivation of the small lemon forest has grown,China high pressure sprayer manufacturers.

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