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History of sprayer development

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

In rural areas, sprayer is an important agricultural tool for pest control.

In the big collective age of the last century, the farmers cultivated a single crop, the wheat or rape on the stubble, most of the middle and lower crops were rice, and the economic crops except the West melon, maybe the cotton and soybean. At that time, the sprayer was a cylinder with a height of 80 centimeters and a diameter of about 25 centimeters. When spraying, put on the ground to hit the gas, and then back in the back, and so on gas exhaustion, liquid fog surface becomes smaller, and then put on the ground to fight gas, and then back...... So repeatedly. Time consuming, half a bucket of medicine can not be played.

At the beginning of 80s, the right of contracted land reached the peasants' hands, and the farm tools of large collectives were also distributed to households. At that time, most of the 2-3 families shared a sprayer, a family owned only 1/3-1/2 platform, spraying insect pest, two or three farmers take turns, make use of.

Slowly, the farmers began to manage their own contracted land scientifically, which was higher than the grain output of their own, which was more than that of the watermelon, and more than those who sold the cotton. As a result, two or three homes combined with a sprayer seem powerless. Insect pests happen at the same time, say spraying pesticide, or delay the best pest control time.

So, from 1986 onwards, most people spend 25-30 yuan of money, buy a knapsack sprayer, which has become completely "own" the "first" sprayer. This kind of sprayer overcomes the shortcomings of the previous spraying, stopping and inflating, and can be carried behind the back, one hand compressed air, one hand holding the "smoke rod" spraying, not delaying the time. Hot summer weather, a bucket of liquid back on the body, feel a trace of coolness. So comfortable!

With the increasing of the multiple cropping area and the increasing of diseases and insect pests, the number of spraying increased with the increase, especially in the planting of more than 20 acres, such a sprayer is completely out of touch with reality. From 1994, part of the busy working farmers and farmers, have spent nearly 1000 yuan to buy the third generation sprayer, is also the first generation of mobile sprayers.

Spraying with a motor sprayer not only improves production efficiency, reduces labor intensity, but also saves five or six acres of grain by crops for an hour, and the wind, fog, liquid, can spray four or five meters away! Back on the back, the machine roared, urging a quick pace, like a passionate production concerto. Multi spirit!

In the new century, farmers are enjoying the convenience brought by scientific and technological achievements under the inspiration of the party's policy. The main tools for agricultural pest control motor sprayer, because of noise, smoke, pollution of the environment, has become obsolete, and social development since 2007, a new energy saving and environmental protection type electric sprayer, quietly into the homes of ordinary people.

This kind of sprayer can be said to be convenient and energy-saving, and the plastic shell is light and corrosion resistant, and the efficiency is not worse than that of the motor sprayer. No oil, no noise, behind the back, press the switch, a huge fan spray to the target. How cool!

Today, the fourth generation of sprayer and stretcher sprayer together, and assume the main role of "unified control rule""!


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