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Dosage forms of pesticides

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 29, 2017

In general, pesticide formulations of pesticides can not be used directly, and must be processed and prepared into various types of preparations to be used. The form of the preparation is called the dosage form, and the commodity pesticide is sold to the user in the form of a certain form. At present most of the dosage form is missible oil, suspending agent, wettable powder, powder, granule, water, bait, liquor, etc. more than ten kinds of dosage form of powder.

(I) dosage forms

The majority of pesticide formulation before use after preparation can be sprayed after use, or prepared into powder, but after using the bait, seed dressing agent and ultra low volume spray, fumigation agents can not use it directly after preparation. Every pesticide in the pesticide formulation can be processed into several forms. All kinds of dosage forms have certain specific and use technical requirements, and it is not suitable to change the usage at will. For example, only throwing or soil granules, but not water spray; wettable powder should not directly spray water, dusting; powder can only directly spray or mixed with toxic soil or seed dressing, not water; various rodenticides only grain food such as bait to use should be made of mix. Different dosage forms have different requirements for environmental conditions. The humid and high temperature in the south of China, the cold and low temperature in the north, is very bad for the storage of various kinds of pesticide formulations. Wettable powder and spraying powder for powder in the storage node phenomenon occurred in cases of malpractice, thus affecting the ability of suspended silt in the water, and silt in the air floating Tao; emulsion preparation and suspending agent such as liquid preparation, in the winter cold storage time is too long, prone to agglomerate and layered crystal and other forms of failure; some of the EC will gradually evaporation at high temperature, the concentration of EC changes, resulting in the precipitation of effective components. Each preparation name consists of active ingredient content, pesticide and formulation of three parts, for example, 50% acetochlor EC; 5% phorate granules; 15% three Triadimefon wettable powder; 0.025% chlorophacinone baits.


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