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Classification of agricultural sprayers

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

   Agricultural sprayers can be divided into three broad categories according to power forms: manual, electric and motor three major categories. But with the development of science and technology, in recent years the emergence of some new varieties such as sprayers, hand sprayers family have high-pressure self-locking automatic sprayer, the working efficiency can match with the motorized knapsack sprayer; motor family added: hand push type sprayer, mounted, stretcher such a strong professional, has irreplaceable advantages in specific working conditions. The electric sprayer industry is also introducing new products, and the number of manufacturers is increasing day by day. People purchase agricultural sprayer is confused when I do not know what kind of good, in fact, is one of the most simple truth me for your reference, that is suitable is the best I to the most widely used agricultural knapsack sprayer in several mainstream varieties, the advantages and disadvantages of a simple comparison for the majority of farmers and friends in the purchase of reference.

    Ordinary hand sprayer: advantage: low price. Easy maintenance, low price fittings. Disadvantages: low efficiency, large labor intensity, not suitable for large areas of operations. The liquid medicine has the phenomenon of running, taking, leaking and dropping, and the operator is easy to be wetted by the liquid medicine, which is easy to poison and is not environmental friendly. The maintenance rate is too high, too troublesome.

    High pressure automatic sprayer: advantages: high efficiency (up to 4 times of ordinary hand sprayer), low labor intensity, continuous operation. Few wearing parts, lowest maintenance rate, basically no use cost. The atomization reaches or exceeds the electric sprayer, and the direct injection range reaches 7 to 11 meters. Disadvantages: the sprayer should take about two minutes to press the solution into the sprayer before spraying. Use different methods and other sprayers, you should read the instructions to make good use.

    Three, electric sprayer: advantages: high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times the ordinary hand sprayer), low labor intensity, easy to use. A good first impression is easy to sell

Disadvantages: the capacity of the battery determines the length of the continuous operation of the sprayer. Too many brands of different models and fittings general maintenance is not easy, the repair fee is too high. The warranty period is over, and the battery will be almost the same. Change to more than 100 pieces. The water pump is also easy to go wrong. It is not very good to repair. Because it involves some electrical things, it must be maintained by professionals.

    Four 、 motor sprayer

The utility model has the advantages of high work efficiency and good spraying effect.

Disadvantages: the purchase price is high, the use of high cost, a barrel of water to a few cents to a dollar money. It is big, big noise, big pollution, high temperature and poor working environment. Need professional maintenance.

Purchase advice: do not care about the time, labor intensity, reluctant to spend money, not afraid of repair, you can buy, shake style.

Tian Shaoxiang and do not care about the money can be considered electric sprayer.

Don't bother with money. Buy a motor sprayer at a quick rate.

Comprehensive consideration can be made on high-pressure automatic sprayers.

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