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Agricultural milk oil (EC)

Zhejiang Rain Garden Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 02, 2017

It is a large dosage form in our country. Emulsifiable concentrate is a mixture of pesticides, which is dissolved in organic solvents (toluene, xylene and so on) in proportion, and a certain amount of special emulsifiers for pesticides (such as alkylbenzene calcium iodate and non-ionic emulsifiers) are made into transparent homogeneous liquid. The content of the active ingredient is high, usually in 40%? 50%. The emulsion is easy to use and can be diluted into a certain proportion of emulsion. Emulsion contains emulsifier, which helps the droplets to adhere and spread on crops, insect bodies and pathogens. The effect of spraying and deposition is better, the duration of its holding is longer and the effect is good. In addition to EC spraying sprayer, can be coated stems, leaves, seeds, seed filling etc.. Attention should be paid to the use of emulsifiable concentrate, because organic solvents containing emulsifiable oil can promote the action of pesticides to penetrate plant epidermis and animal skin. It is necessary to apply pesticide according to the prescribed concentration. The residual time of milk oil is long, especially in vegetables and fruit trees. It is more important to control the dosage time of the medicine strictly, so as to avoid the accident of drug damage and poisoning.


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