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1.Our History

Rain Sprayer only produce high quality Pressure Sprayer, such as: Hand Pressure sprayer,Shoulder Pressure Sprayer,Trigger Sprayer ,Knapsack Sprayer , etc, with Reasonable Price, no worried after-sold service: warranty period of our products is 36 months from date of delivery, during which accessories can be replaced and repaired for FREE. Any other problems will be handled in one day and solution will be provided in one week.图片2.png


2. Our Factory

Rain Sprayer is located in the China -Hanzhou. As a global supplier in the Garden Sprayers and Agro sprayers,  Rain Sprayer is to create added value for customers around the world.

3.Our Product

Rain Sprayer Products includes the following:

1, Hand Pressure Sprayer

2, Shoulder Pressure Sprayer

3, Knapsack Manual Sprayer

4, Trigger Sprayer

We supply different types of sprayers all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

Our products with CE ,GS,IAF,ISO,BSCI, our products are sold to Germany, Poland, Spain, USA,South American, Mexico, etc.

Warmly welcome you to visit our factory at your convenient time图片4.png图片5.png图片6.png


Showing vedio: 

Customer is testing and showing how it works(2L sprayer)

Customer is testing and showing how it works(8L sprayer)

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